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For over 10 years, The Harlem Edutainment Company (HEC) has worked with over 700 schools and institutions, impacting more than 20,000 students‘ futures. Our partners include The Juilliard School, Harlem Children’s Zone, Girl Scouts, NYC Department of Probation, and Newark Museum Explorers Program to name a few. You can read more of stories of our customers here.  Are you looking for school field trips to New York City? Or perhaps you are looking for fun educational activities, materials, and games that will better engage your students during classes? We have the answers. The HEC provides a wide variety of fun and educational activities. Learn more about our products and services such as school field trips, workshops, classes and games and tell us how we can help your students. Click each area below to learn more!


Our field trips take students to a myriad of places in New York City. The categories for our trips are as follows:


Black History Month

  • Historical aspects of Harlem
  • African-American history and culture


Hip-Hop Tours

  • DJ Bus Tour
  • Hip-Hop Dance and Music Tour
  • Hip-Hop Artist Tour



  • Mathematics Tour
  • Money Tour


Exploring NYC

  • Christmas Packages
  • Arena Tour
  • Columbia Univ. and Harlem Tour


If you can’t find a trip that you’re looking for, contact us and make your own!


Our workshops and classes are a perfect way for students to grasp foundational knowledge in a comfortable setting.



  • Math – Blitz Champz
  • Energy Microgrid
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Women’s Herstory
  • Nutrition & Health



  • Hip-Hop Art Class
  • Hip-Hop Dance Class


Our workbooks and award-winning game further enhance the key concepts students learn during our workshops.



  • Entrepreneurship
  • Women’s Herstory
  • Nutrition & Health


Award-winning Game

  • Blitz Champz

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